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Creditors’ Rights Lawyer in Dallas

Protecting Creditors’ Rights Under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code

Bankruptcy proceedings can present complex issues for creditors, limiting their right to collect the money they are owed. It is important to work with an attorney who understands and can assert your rights as a creditor under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code and in situations where a debtor has not filed for bankruptcy.

As a Dallas creditors’ rights attorney, I represent vendors, creditors, financial institutions across Texas, aiding in their debt collection efforts. I can offer guidance related to debt restructuring, negotiation, and litigation with or without the involvement of the bankruptcy court.

For experienced insight, call my office at (214) 506-1107. I will be happy to address your concerns and offer insight regarding my specific creditors’ services.

Types of Legal Services for Creditors

I offer different services for creditors based on their unique needs. Through my years in practice as a Dallas creditors’ rights lawyer, I understand that every situation is different and will require an approach tailored to my client’s needs and the circumstances in play.

Some of the legal services I offer for creditors include:

  • Garnishment proceedings
  • Collection actions
  • Involuntary bankruptcy proceedings
  • Negotiating cash offers
  • Challenging automatic stays
  • Filing claims in bankruptcy court
  • Requesting reaffirmation of debt
  • Challenging a discharge of debt

With my experience in handling Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings, I have a solid understanding of how the bankruptcy courts operate and how to approach creditors’ rights in these proceedings. I am also adept at protecting creditors’ rights when bankruptcy is not involved and can offer counsel to help creditors avoid having debt fall under the protection of the bankruptcy court in the first place.

Because I focus my practice on securing the best result for every client I represent, I will not rest until all of our options have been exhausted and your rights as a creditor have been protected to the fullest extent. Call (214) 506-1107 to learn more.

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