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Whistleblower Lawyer in Dallas

Effectively Protecting Your Rights as an Employee

If an employee reports his or her company for wrongdoing or systematic fraud, United States and Texas law protects that whistleblower from employer retaliation. The Dodd-Frank, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), and False Claims Acts are all important pieces of legislation for whistleblowers and provide certain inviolable rights to employees.

In general, whistleblower legislation is intended to protect employees from:

  • Discipline
  • Demotion
  • Blacklisting
  • Intimidation
  • Termination
  • Making threats
  • Denial of benefits
  • Retaliatory assignment
  • Failure to hire or rehire
  • Reduction of pay or hours
  • Denying overtime or promotion

If you are a whistleblower who reported your company for wrongdoing and were mistreated as a result, that is illegal and I can protect your rights. Backed by well over a decade of legal experience, M.J. Watson & Associates, P.C. provides proficient and personalized legal services to individuals throughout Texas. As a skilled whistleblower lawyer in Dallas, I am intimately familiar with this area of law and can effectively navigate you through the complex legal process.

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How A Whistleblower Lawyer Can Help You

The government created whistleblower laws in order to protect these types of employees from being harassed, abused, or mistreated as a result of their brave actions. I am here to help you enforce these laws, protect your rights, and hold your employer accountable for their illegal actions. My firm has a long track record of success in these types of cases and will work to resolve your matters quickly and efficiently.

When you come into my office, I will sit down with you, thoroughly discuss your situation, and help you determine the next best step for moving forward. I will provide you with well-informed advice so you can come to a sound decision about how you would like to proceed. Throughout the legal process, I will ensure you are always fully up-to-date on your case. You can count on me to provide you with the strong representation you need and deserve.

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